Concept of the Soul

Your Higher Consciousness
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The meaning of the word soul
as a metaphor and as a concept is rather distorted. For centuries religions have used that term in the sense that this is something that needs to be "rescued or saved" from hell. That's far from the truth. The soul is consciousness and energy and needs no salvation. It is on a timeless quest for experience, learning and understanding about the deepest truth about All-That-It-Is and All-That-Is.

Other terms for soul
In order not to fall into the trap of old interpretations one could use the term Higher Self, Superconsciousness, All-That-I-Am, Higher Consciousness, true self.


You have lived before
reincarnation cosmos

The concept of reincarnation
is actually widespread. recent research have shown, that there are more people on this planet believing in some sort of reincarnation than there are catholics. And even within the Christian religion there are lots of people who believe that reincarnation could be possible, although this very concept is not backed up by the (accepted) scriptures of the bible.

Can I remember my past lives?
Some do without knowing. Some go to see a past life regression therapist or simply meditate and "download" information. The accuracy and validity of the memories are not really important actually. Important is the underlying message, the learning that helps us here in the now.

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Wisdom from the Spirit World
channeling spirit wisdom

Channeling has been around since centuries
Many people throughout history channeled the wisdom of their soul or other higher beings. Jane Roberts channeling Seth might be one of the most famous with the biggest impact on how spirituality is understood today.

You Create Your Reality
is one of the corner stones of spiritualism today. Bhudda and Jesus both - in their own way - shared this true truth with us. Others have followed over the centuries - some recognized, some not. Incarnated masters, teachers, healers, speakers, artists speak in their own time and language.

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Become Aware

Love Yourself, love your planet and your experiences, express yourself and be creative

What the bleep do we know

If you are interested to know more about how science and spiritualism (consciousness creates matter) then take a look at this movie. Fun to watch and really insightful. Enjoy.