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If you want to make a change in your life, improve your sense of wellbeing, and create a better connection between you and your inner wisdom, then these upcoming opportunities to meet Michael for Life Coaching Sessions might be for you.

Bali Aug, Oct, Nov 2019

Bali Aug, Oct, Nov 2019

Join Michael for a weekend-Workshop from Fr 17:00 - Su 11.30. Tools and insights designed for self-empowerment. 13+hours of fun and new perspectives. Only USD 290 incl Bf, Lu, Di. Accommodation can be arranged if needed, according to your budget.

North Pakistan Sep 2019

North Pakistan Sep 2019

19-16 Sep. Yoga & meditation retreat in the mountains of North Pakistan. Definitely an experience of a lifetime to visit a region in the Himalaya, that is both remote and largely untouched. The perfect setting to reach within and to connect with yourself.

The Transformation

Change will Happen

Transforming limiting beliefs, changing your opinions about your self and the world, will allow for a new feeling of empowerment and excitement to emerge. Things become more clear, more coherent. You will experience how liberating and transformational it can be to let go of ideas and definitions that limit you – beliefs about yourself and the world at large. The idea that “we are all creators and no victims” will resonate within you as a beautifully liberating promise. Changing your life and reaching well-being is in your hands. You are not dependent on others, chance, deities, or higher forces – you always have a choice.

If it is true, that the experiences happen indeed “from inside out”, then we carry the key for change always with us.

Tools and new perspectives will become points of references from which you can explore your life and learn to discriminate what works for you and what not. Emotional freedom, in the sense of living your life more independent of outside conditions, will become gradually more experiential and therefore real and tangible.

Life coaching Sessions

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3 Day Transformation Package

9 hours

Aligning with your inner wisdom

Life Coaching and "Connecting with your Higher Self" Session

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Life Coaching Sessions

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Improve and transform ANY life situation

Tools for Change


Understand better yourself and the underlying dynamics of situations. You create your own reality – find out how

Balance & Control

Become more centered, more satisfied, and achieve higher levels of control over your thoughts and therefore your emotions


Create deliberately. Take ownership for what is happening. Create change whenever desired. Become a conscious creator. Decide how to react to a situation constructively


Attain self-acceptance, self-understanding and self-love. Shift into higher levels of compassion and empathy for yourself and then naturally for others. Connect with Self and the inner wisdom of your Higher Self


Reconnect with the natural state of wellbeing and feel joy and excitement, which is your birthright and natural state. There is no real benefit in suffering or drama


Become more unconditional emotionally and independent of outside circumstances. Be free of outside opinions. Experience the state of mind of a creator


Acquire effective tools to achieve all of the above