improve and transform ANY life situations


understand the underlying dynamics of situations, the sources that created them. Why did what happen, and what was/is your role. Connect with the bigger picture and understand yourself gradually more


become centered, experience harmony, and achieve higher levels of control over your emotions


create deliberately. Take ownership for what is happening. Create change whenever desired. Become a conscious creator. Acquire and use effectively fundamental universal laws that assist you to shape your life


attain self-acceptance, self-understanding and self-love. Shift into higher levels of compassion and empathy for yourself and then naturally for others. Connect with Self and the inner wisdom of your Higher Self


reconnect with the natural state of wellbeing and feel joy and excitement, which is all your birthright. There is no real benefit in suffering or drama


gradually become emotionally independent of outside circumstances. Learn how to react to your creations, learn to give YOURSELF first, what you expect others to give you


acquire effective tools to achieve all of the above

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Coaching & Seminars

If you want to make a change in your life, improve your sense of wellbeing, and create a better connection between you and your inner wisdom, then these upcoming opportunities to meet Michael for Life Coaching Sessions might be for you.

Bali Feb-Apr 2019

Bali Feb-Apr 2019

Michael will be available for group workshops, life coaching and deep relaxation sessions.

Karachi 2019

Karachi 2019

We will stop over in Karachi and offer Yoga Courses, Seminars and Coaching Sessions. More Details coming soon.

Bali Nov 2019

Bali Nov 2019

Michael will be offering Life Coaching Sessions for small groups, or 1to1. One day or weekend group seminars can also be arranged.

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The Status Quo

Sometimes life can become very challenging and confusing. We might face big or small obstacles that make us feel overwhelmed, stuck, sad, angry etc. Often we keep experiencing patterns and feel stuck in the dynamic between hope and despair. Usually it’s about Relationship, Money, Family, Health, and Job.

It is fair to assume, that neither parents, teachers, society at large, nor the concepts of religion or psychology have provided us with viable guidelines on how to live a balanced life, a happy life – whatever each one of us expects that to be. We have not been taught how to achieve a sustainable level of contentment and joy; how to have a good relationship with a partner, how to be a mother, father, sibling; how to be a good friend, how to stay healthy, how to find a stable sense of wellbeing. When we were young, most of us have been fed beliefs and values that pushed us towards playing it safe, staying small, and complying with and fulfilling the expectations of our care takers. Safety and material achievements were the goals that we bought into. Later in life we took many decisions based on the ideas and expectations of the people we wanted to impress and be loved/liked by (parents, friends, partners, boss, authority figures at large). To learn to express what and who we truly are, and find balance was not really part of life when growing up.

There are enough people around us, who could serve as a viable blueprint for fame and material success, but not enough for emotional well-being. The illusional expectations of societies, cultures and even of Holly- and Bollywood, of what is a happy and good life are what they are – illusions. Not helpful at all but often a source of misguidance, feeding mass beliefs that leave entire generations astray and searching for something better.

Some of us had to painfully acknowledge that we are not where we truly want to be. We have run out of options to deny, cope or distract ourselves from how we truly feel. Some call it depression, burn-out, or midlife crisis. The pain becomes too obvious to ignore, the coping and distraction too ridiculous, extreme or even detrimental. We usually end up blaming others or judging ourselves harshly.When we reach those darker moments in life we usually take a decision between distracting ourselves, or we finally get the hint to look within and acknowledge something fundamental needs to change.

We start looking within ourselves, when we have enough of sulking and blaming the outside world for our troubles. We take a choice to take a step forward and we become active seekers. A journey begins. We realise that it’s time to re-assess and look inwards. Something pulls us, guides us, tells us that this is not how the story is going to end. It’s time to step out of the shadows of guilt, self-doubt, confusion, and feelings of being a victim of circumstances. We feel ready to take the next step. What to do? Which road to take?

Psychological, spiritual, and esoteric concepts are promising relief in our 21st century that is fast paced and loaded with stimuli. The self-help bookshelves are filled with hundreds of different approaches to tackle specific challenges and very broad lifestyle problems. How to unlock the door towards what we are truly looking for: a sense of freedom, purpose, empowerment and belonging? Some approaches sound good, and are selling well in the book shops but are not effective, others have their rightful place. It’s sometimes a trial and error and we need to simply follow what resonates at the time and discriminate what does not serve. Then move on to the next and grow.

First Step

The New Path

The New Path within our Life Coaching approach begins with the introduction of the following perspective, a new thought about where you stand today:

“The fact that some aspects of life are painful and troubling does not indicate that there is something wrong with me. I do not need therapy nor a therapist treating me as if I was sick. Why? Because the very fact that I feel what I feel is part of becoming aware, part of a well functioning and balanced system that is in place to serve me. I am recognising and acknowledging that where I am is not where I want to be, that I am seeking change, that I wish to evolve. I am taking the choice to listen to what I have to tell myself with the symptoms that have emerged, by looking within and finding the answers that resonate with me. I am seeking assistance in starting my process to understand myself better and to find clarity. That’s a sign of my strength and expression of self-love. Yes, the emotional or physical pain is unpleasant but it speaks to me. It’s me speaking to myself reminding me, guiding me, and leading me to the new: to a state of well-being which is my natural state. Leading me to the things that I desire. I am guiding myself away from unawareness into awareness. This is exciting and liberating.”

With this perspective you changed your relationship with the condition that created the pain or despair. You accept it as “it is happening for me”.

“The only purpose in suffering is to show me that I do not need nor wish to suffer. There is a place beyond”

The Session

We will mainly focus on two aspects

Psychological / The Mind:

The mindset and our beliefs are going to be the key focus. Shedding light and awareness onto our beliefs about self, the world around, and on the characters and habits we have formed around those beliefs. In this process you will get to know yourself better and…

– become acquainted with your thoughts and the emotions that are attached to them

– learn about emotions, their role, how to use and shift them

– see the fears and beliefs that might keep you limited, that hinder you from fulfilling your desires and from expressing who you truly are

Intuition & Consciousness:

We will play around with the idea of consciousness, the concept of a higher self and inner wisdom that guides us. We will explore how it feels to accept to be a powerful creator of life who ALWAYS has a choice.

Could their be truth and value in following ideas…

– intuition is a dialogue between our Self and our Higher Self (or Higher Mind / Inner Wisdom)

– we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe, we are primarily consciousness

– where our attention goes, our life goes, we reap what we saw, we get what we expect

– we are all powerful creators of our lives, who do create and attract each experience  – consciously and most often unconsciously

– the stories in our head about ourselves and others, MATTER. Literally materialise.

The Transformation

Change will Happen

Transforming limiting beliefs, changing your opinions about your self and the world, will allow for a new feeling of empowerment and excitement to emerge. Things become more clear, more coherent. You will experience how liberating and transformational it can be to let go of ideas and definitions that limit you – beliefs about yourself and the world at large. The idea that “we are all creators and no victims” will resonate within you as a beautifully liberating promise. Changing your life and reaching well-being is in your hands. You are not dependent on others, chance, deities, or higher forces – you always have a choice.

If it is true, that the experiences happen indeed “from inside out”, then we carry the key for change always with us.

Tools and new perspectives will become points of references from which you can explore your life and learn to discriminate what works for you and what not. Emotional freedom, in the sense of living your life more independent of outside conditions, will become gradually more experiential and therefore real and tangible.