Inner Wisdom

Reach deep within, connect with forgotten memories, archetypal metaphors and the perspectives of your Higher Self

Explore the Deeper Aspects of Your Mind and Soul

Inner Wisdom

With techniques also used in hypnotherapy you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. In this altered state you will gain access to aspects of your mind that are usually not available to you in the awake state. Various brainwaves:

– Beta State: fully awake and conscious

– Light Alpha State: light trance, used for meditation and childhood memories

– Deeper Alpha State: past life memories or archetypal metaphors

– Theta State: Access to Higher Self; perspective of the “Superconscious”

– Delta State: Final sleep state

In a lying down position, you will be guided through several imaginary journeys with the intent to reach deeper levels of consciousness. This allows for insights and broader perspectives. Depending on your receptivity you will reach the Alpha and/or Delta state, while always being fully conscious and aware of what is happening.

It is not important whether you believe in something like the Higher Self, Higher Mind, Souls, Reincarnation, Past Lives or even the “inbetween-lives consciousness”. The aim of the session is simply to connect you with your own inner wisdom and capacity to see beyond the obvious. It is secondary whether the experience reveals helpful metaphors or connects you with something like a soul consciousness. The primary goal is to extract insights and clues that help you in the here an how.

“A Chat with Yourself” is a very powerful experience to understand yourself better.

Why not “Have a Chat with Yourself” and explore what you have to say to yourself? This will be of great assistance for future meditation practices and fine-tuning of your intuition.

"A Chat with Your Self"-Session

Connecting with the Wisdom within

20min introduction

Session (ca. 3h)

incl. Audio Recording and Recap by Email

Session & Recap

USD 350

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3 Days Transformation Workshop

10h of Coaching & Deep Relaxation Session

USD 950

Day 1:

morning, 120 min coaching
afternoon 120min coaching

Day 2:

morning: 90 min coaching
afternoon: “Connecting with HigherSelf” Deep Relaxation and Guided Meditation Session

Day 3:

morning, 120min coaching (reflection on relaxation session and wrap up)

Focused & Straight to the Point

Reach Within and Discover your Inner Wisdom

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